When Americans think of travelling to eastern Africa or south Asia, certain counties come to mind faster than others. Often, places like Kenya, Tanzania, India, and Thailand are the most sought-after and well-known travel destinations. However, there are some truly exciting alternatives. Whether you want an immersive cultural experience or would like to visit a unique safari destination, Madagascar and Sri Lanka are affordable, interesting, and adventurous alternatives to other east African and south Asian countries.


As a veteran tour guide in both countries for several years, I have seen first-hand how excited visitors and locals alike become upon encountering one of the countries’ exotic animals or breathtaking views. After retiring several years ago, I continue to receive travel questions about these incredible countries from friends, family, and former clients. I have thus created this site as a space to host some thoughts and itineraries for both Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Here, you’ll find some of my favorite destinations, travel tips, as well as why visitors should bundle these countries into a single trip. Thanks for stopping by—I hope you enjoy the ride!